Carble helps agrifood companies meet emission reduction targets, perform accurate GHG emission reporting, and comply with the EU Deforestation Regulation

Our belief & promise

Trees are the most advanced technology we have to fight climate change. They help us in storing carbon. Yet, deforestation continues to happen at an alarming rate. To sustain human life on this planet, we must stop deforestation because we cannot offset our way out of climate change. 

Companies are taking responsibility for mitigating carbon emissions in their supply chains by making deforestation-free farming the new norm in tropical commodity supply chains. Carble provides a satellite-powered platform that enables tropical commodity brands and buyers to measure, model, and mitigate their carbon emissions and secure deforestation-free supply chains.

Meet the team

Photo of Sander Reuderink (Carble CEO)

Sander Reuderink

After trading coffee for over a decade, Sander decided he needed to re-unite his love for the product with his personal values.  In 2021, Sander launched Carble to ensure that coffee farming benefits all people, while remaining within our planetary boundaries.
Photo of Andrey Asfaganov (Carble CTO)

Andrey Asfaganov

With over 10 years experience working in various multinational technology companies and having previously started an impact-driven business in Australia, Andrey brings his love of nature, sense of social responsibility and passion for technology into building innovative and purposeful solutions at Carble to drive deforestation to a zero.
Ashly W Ochwada

Ashly W Ochwada

Jr. Full Stack Developer
Ashly is a Full Stack Developer with a keen interest in environmental conservation through leveraging technology to protect forests, incentivize sustainable agriculture, and create a positive impact on the planet. She enjoys exploring ways to integrate her technical skills with her passion for sustainability.
Robert-Jan Zwart

Robert-Jan Zwart

Marketing Manager
With a wealth of experience in B2B marketing and the coffee market, Robert-Jan creates customer-centric communications by combining his creative content and digital marketing skills that help customers understand and overcome their challenges.


Photo of Noura Hanna (Carble COO)

Noura Hanna

Noura has extensive experience working to crack the "sustainability nut" in agricultural supply chains - starting with her work with farmers in the field leading interventions in 3 continents, then supporting companies on their sustainability journey before switching to exploring the leverage of the banking sector working on ESG.
Photo of Lodewijk van der Meer (Carble Head of Product)

Lodewijk van der Meer

Experienced entrepreneur with a focus on product and value proposition. Combining strong strategic and analytical skills with a passion for lean validation to ensure Carble's value proposition is a spot-on match with our customers' needs.