Reduce emissions by rewarding farmers

Measure land-use change emissions, discover reduction opportunities, comply with EUDR requirements, and
reward farmers for enabling net-positive supply chains.
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“What I like about working with Carble is that you connect carbon emissions to farmer livelihoods, allowing us to calculate how much we should pay for carbon storage.”
Camila Olmedo Mendez ECOM Trading
Camila Olmedo Mendez,
Sustainability Manager @ ECOM Latin America

Carble’s satellite-powered platform
helps you achieve your climate goals.

Monitor and report emissions

Measure annual Scope-3 emissions, calculate LUC emission factors, and generate instant LUC emission reports.

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Comply with EUDR requirements

Measure forest loss, get real-time deforestation alerts, and generate due diligence statements.

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Model the future

Find future carbon reductions and identify pathways to meet your climate goals.

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Reward farmers

Calculate performance-based rewards for protecting existing tree cover and reward farmers.

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Take a deeper dive into reducing carbon emissions

Drone footage of forest
Carble interface
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