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Peatlands are wetland ecosystems that are pivotal for nature. While peatlands occupy only approximately 3% of the global land area, they still store 25% of global soil carbon stock. Since coffee and cocoa are often produced near peatlands or on drained peatland soils, companies sourcing these commodities are required to report the related emissions.

Following the GHG Protocol Land Sector & Removals Guidance (draft), commodity companies must report emissions from peatlands separately. Within our four-page document, we guide you through the fundamentals of peatlands and how to report possible emissions.

After reading the document, you will understand:

  • what peatlands are and where you can find them,
  • why they are pivotal for your climate strategies,
  • what the GHG protocol reporting requirements for peatlands are,
  • which data sources are available to report on emissions,
  • how we think you should report emissions from peatlands

Read and understand the fundamentals of peatland emission reporting

How to report on emissions from peatlands