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Carble's CEO Sander Reuderink featuring in educational video "Working in Space"

December 23, 2022

ESERO NL brings space travel to the classroom with videos for teachers and educators, and teaching materials for primary and secondary education. Space travel and astronomy provide a fascinating context for engineering and science subjects, but also geography, mathematics, biology and research and design. Sometimes the subjects are close to home. The moon, the seasons, our earth itself. Then far away again: space travel, planets in other solar systems, black holes. This channel supports teachers and lecturers who want to get started with these themes.

In this episode, ESERO NL is covering Sander Reuderink as Carble's CEO. He uses satellite data to measure the carbon storage of coffee plantations and in this way he tries to make the coffee industry more sustainable. What exactly does that mean? And how did he end up in the space sector as a former coffee trader?

Watch the full video here (in Dutch):

You can find the item on the ESERO NL website here (in Dutch). ESERO is an initiative started by the European Space Agency ESA. In the Netherlands it is co-financed by NSO (the Netherlands Space Office).

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